Call 8122-8622 or 8781-1218.  If a family member passes away at home with a medical history, give us a call immediately and we will arrange for a Doctor to be at your residence within 90 minutes. You will need to prepare the following:-
- Patient's NRIC
- Patient's Medical Records (if any)
- Patient's Medication

The Dr. will examine the patient. Upon confirmation of death, the Dr. will prepare a C.C.O.D. (Certificate of Cause of Death).

Cost for Dr. for C.C.O.D. : S$250.00 - S$350.00

Next of Kin will need to take this letter to the nearest Neighbourhood Police Centres / Posts to make a Death Certificate.

You will need to prepare the following:-

- Photo of the deceased Hard / Soft copy (High resolution) 
- Best Clothing X 01 set, inner garments, shoes, socks, costume jewellery (if
  any), dentures (if any)
- Extra sets of clothing if you wish to place them in the coffin
- Death Certificate / CCOD (if available)

A wake can be held according to the family’s convenience, in either a funeral parlour (please see our list of affiliated parlours) or at an HDB void deck or HDB multi-purpose hall. For HDB venues, you will need to call up your respective Town Councils to make a booking and you will be required to go down in person with your NRIC and a copy of Death Certificate.  Payments will be made directly to the Town Council.
No. We will do it on behalf of you and the fee of S$100.00 is already included in our package.

For burials, we will also liaise on your behalf. The National Environment Agency (‘NEA’) charges differently for burials and such payments are not included in our packages, as these will go directly to NEA.